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How dare teachers be sick?!?

Good morning. I woke up to a temperature of -22 degrees Celcius. It has now hit the "Friggin' Freezing" category.

Two days ago, I was gassed out of my classroom. No, I did not have beans for lunch.... someone must have spilled a good amount of gasoline on their jacket. The first class of the afternoon, everything was fine. I didn't even notice until the class was 3/4 over, and I quickly stepped outside to photocopy some notes for a student. Whoa, that's gas! A headache started to form. My next class got evacuated to the library.

I considered bringing a whole gas station here today, and maybe I could go home. Today, I have contol over everything. There are many teachers sick, and this community is short of substitute teachers. So, my co-operating teacher is teaching Grade 9's today, and I have been left with all of her classes today. I'm slightly cheesed off.... our schedule rotates, and normally, I would have had a full morning prep. That's right, no rug-rats until the afternoon. Since I had all morning to myself, I didn't prepare anything for my Grade 10's this afternoon.


Oh well. As soon as this day is over, I just have to kill time until 4:30 p.m. Then I hitch a ride to my hometown and visit Happygoth and Witchgoddess. I can't wait! It's been a titch on the lonely side on this reserve... so, I'm looking forward to a weekend of nothing but TV and pizza with my two best friends.

That is, if I survive today...