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Almost summer... okay, not really.

Oh, baby! That's right, only -8 degrees Celcius today!!! Gotta love it.

Actually, it's a good thing. I forgot my jacket in my hometown. How is that possible, you may ask. Because I'm a scatter-brain at times, that's how. It was warm on Sunday, so I didn't even think of it when I packed up and left Happygoth's and Witchgoddess' house. I hope they will be nice to me and send it on the bus ASAP, before it turns into winter again.

This weekend was great! Didn't do anything too rambuncious. Happygoth and I went to the Legion for a game of pool, and Brown Cows were on special Saturday night. $2.25 a drink. Even someone who's debit card is rejected for a $40 purchase can afford that (yet again, good thing I paid off my VISA).

Right now, I'm playing everyone's favourite game, "What's That Smell???". I'm in the classroom, and my super-sensitive nose is trying to decipher a small but obnoxious smell. Bloody hell, I hope it's not me.