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Home Sweet Home?

And you think I would be unpacking now, but I've lost my motivation. My Mother, Step-Father, Booger, and her man are coming into my lil' city tomorrow night for supper with my Dad, his partner, and Skinner Boy. Yeppers, 8 people. The restaurant will love us.

The last few days have been... weird. I was surprisingly reluctant to leave the reserve. Trying to slip back into old mannerisms with my family. Skinner Boy scaring the beejeebus out of me (to make the story even shorter, he came into the City early, saw me walking from my Mother's van to my sister's apartment, and he followed me. I didn't recognize him and mistaken him for a sexual assaulter *shrugs* Oops.), and shadows of my evaluation of our relationship linger as I talk to him. Classes begin tomorrow, and my apartment feels foreign. I have been cleaning in spurts, to take back some "ownership" that, for some reason, I feel that I have lost. I'm out of garbage bags, so my motivation flew out the window. I have been febreezing furniture like crazy, since I don't recognize the smells anymore.

Yeah... I think me brains are just slightly on the scrambled side tonight.