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Anyone want a headache?

Good morning one and all! I've been having headaches lately. More than the usual. I can no longer claim it's my extreme large cerebellum pressing against the confinements of my skull. (why yes, I'm egotistical enough to state it just like that. *grins*) Now, it's pin-pointing places... such as, not only the very front of my head, but the very back as well. If it's a brain tumour or that killer flu that's going around, I hope it kills me before all of my unit plans are due. It would be an absolute bugger if I did all that work, then died. Damn.

Moving on.... not too much else is going on. It looks like the group of girls I like to pretend to belong to is not exchanging gifts this year. Kind of bites ass. Not that it would have been killer expensive ("Killer" - majorly, used by the students in the reserve). More an excuse to cackle and drink, I suppose. Oh well, there is always New Years....

Which, I don't know what I'm doing. This is the first time that I am attached during this time. Not only does that mean more presents I have to buy, but I don't know whether to drag him to my usual festivites, or (heaven forbid) take his partying scenario for a spin. *shrugs* I'm only thinking one day at a time now.

Skinner Boy and I are fine. Not horrible, not glorious, just fine. A few days ago, I finally told him that we can't go back to the way we used to be. I don't know if he changed (besides getting a damn mullet, but that's another issue altogether!), but I certainly have. So, we are taking it slow, and calling this "readjustment time". For now, that means I get my bed to myself. BOO-YAH!