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Drunkeness and a Poem

I would like to start off this drunken entry by proclaiming, "Wha tha ----- "... Is it just me, or has Live Journal gone stark raving mad?!? I've been looking at entries, and they are strewn all over the place, and nothing makes sense. Oh my, I hope it's not the wine that did this...

At any rate, first I would like to start with a private-type of message: So, JB, how did it go? Worry for nothing?

Second, just felt like rambling, and I realised that it may be inappropriate to harass people by telephone on a Thursday night.

Third, I wanted to test-run something. For the people who knew me in the past, I used to write some decent poetry (hey, really now, who didn't?!?). Well, I was inspired in my English Language Arts Methods for Senior Years (whew, what a mouthful) class to write a villanelle.
Note Of Reference: If you want a well-known example of a villanelle, quickly read Dylan Thomas' "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night", or something of that sort.

At any rate, at this intoxicated moment, I feel like sharing. This is something I threw together after reading "The Waking" by Theodore Roethke. If you have the time or effort, read that poem first before continuing.

There are certain elements to a villanette *insert brief english lesson*. More complicated that this, you have repeating lines, a pastoral and philosophical feel to it, and it has a certain rhyme scheme. In my drunken glory, I want you, the reader, to give your honest opinion of it. If you don't like it, tell me so! It's not cheery, in the least. Okay, here we go...

The Waking

(Inspired by Theodore Roethke’s version)

Reality is full of deceit and schemes.
I walk sleeping and awake once I sleep.
My world begins within my dreams.

My heart is subject to the extremes,
The sun searing imprints of pain.
Harsh reality is full of deceit and schemes.

The radiant hue of starlight streams
Through the pane of my awakened mind.
My glowing world begins within my dreams.

Virtue crumbles at the morning’s screams
While charred memories smolder and burn.
Scorching reality is full of deceit and schemes

The cool embrace of moonlight redeems
The evils that bake in the day’s heat.
My balmed world begins within my dreams.

The knife edge of daybreak gleams
As it lunges for my soul’s eyes.
Reality is full of deceit and schemes,
My world begins within my dreams.