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Damn Xmas carols first thing in the morning. I don't feel like Xmas this year, so I would appreciate it if Big Brother would stop cramming it down my throat.

Okay, I admit that I havne't been getting enough sleep, and I'm still reading 1984. There is three ways I can take my Gr. 12 English unit: I can do a unit how how we learn and transmit values, teach the students not to trust the government and Down with Big Brother, or make them absolutely paranoid by doing an entire unit on identity theft and how no one is what they seem. Oh, what decisions....

I really don't feel like school today. *looks upward* Oh, if there is anything remotely spiritual up there, just give me an excuse. A bird tweeting, thunder, lightning, or just plain sunlight... anything! *sighs at the darkness* Damn you.