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I Have A Boo-Boo

My hand is really starting to hurt. I burned it on my oven last night. That teaches me never to forsake my microwave. Anyway, it's not a big burn or anything, but the skin ripped off of it today. *whimpers* I put some antibiotic cream and a band-aid on it. I think I need colourful cartoon band-aids... these yucky brownish ones that leave all sort of sticky goodness on your skin aren't helping the situation. *sulk*

I declared that "Enough was enough", and canceled my Future Shop order and ordered from Amazon.ca. But, of course, I'm too cheap to pay for regular shipping, so the race is on to see if it will get here on time. *shrugs* I should have time to spare... I hope....

I belong to a literacy group (literacy, not literary), and we just finished having our little Xmas shindig. I think I may finally have a smidge of the Xmas spirit I am so sorely lacking. I'm full of potluck goodness, and even scored a bottle of white wine in the gift exchange. *wiggles eyebrows* Guess what I may be drinking tomorrow night...

Hurting Hand, Stuffed Stomach, and Hordes of Homework: that is life for this super hero.