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Xmas Crack Whore House

Yay! Booger finally made it in! So, we put our illnesses aside, and went shopping. I bought some South Park boxers and the latest Lord of the Rings Playstation2 game for Skinner Boy. That finished off his gifts. Booger bought her man a sweater. Besides Booger almost passing out at the mall, all was well.

Skinner Boy, Booger, and I went out for supper. They had a blues duo there, and that was classy. Then Booger and I came home and made a gingerbread house out of a kit we bought at Wal-Mart. Except, of course, in memory of my crack whore house from last year and our trailer trash roots, we made a Xmas Crack Whore House. Included is a 50 cent whore, an anatomically correct man in a "wife-beater" tank top, tin foil covering the windows, and a discarded Xmas tree in the front yard. I'll see if I can get some pics up soon.

*nods* Definitely feeling more season-ee now...