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First Exam, Down The Hatch

This morning will be my first exam. It is for my English Lanugage Arts Senior Years Methods class. There will be only 3 questions on it, and 2 hours to answer it. If I recall correctly, he did this to our other class last year, and no one finished.


No sir-ree Bob, I'm still not done my 1984 unit. I have to finish it tonight: no ifs, ands, or butts. *grins at typing "butts* Today, I write an exam, donate blood, finish Xmas shopping, drop presents off at my Dad's, start and finish my Unit Plan, pack, and prepare for my Grammar test (which happens to be worth 50% of my final grade). And, ask my mommy to send me money since I am utterly broke.

Damn. Where did I place those blasted super hero powers?