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Good morning everyone.

Today, an old highschool friend (though, we weren't friends until after highschool) is coming in. Let's call her "Bo Berri". Well, Bo Berri and I are travelling a few hours to a small town to visit our friend "Special K".

Am I ever going to use real names in this thing? Probably not.
And yes, there is a LOT of small towns around these here parts. Hee-yuk.

Special K phoned me two nights back stoned out of her tree. She was hilarious, even though she didn't make much sense. This summer, she has a job being a nanny. That's enough to laugh about.

I want her to start wearing tight, neon clothing and to acquire a nasal voice, just like Fran in the old sitcom "The Nanny" (anyone out there remember that show???).

I don't know what we're going to do tonight, or even if Bo Berri is feeling better. She went out Friday night to a local Hip Hop kind of club (she is the blackest whitey I know) and became a Bulimic Baby (my words for "puked her guts out").

If anything slightly dibolical or interesting happens, I'll let you know.