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Mmmmm.... Pepsi...

So, as in true holiday fashion, I have yet to experience hunger. I have and continue to totally and completely gorge myself. Instead of digesting further, I wait a half hour when I know there will be room for another butter tart or a couple of shortbread cookies. And this sadistic holiday ritual continues.

Opera Queen and I are planning to attend the local gym 6 days a week when we return. *inhales another cookie*

And, of course, my mother has gone totally nuts again. This year, as her Martha Steward-ish project, we have personalized sleighs that hold our dinner napkins down. On this sleigh, ignoring the decorations and the wreath-like candy canes, is a Xmas sack full of red and green M & Ms and a mini chocolate Santa at the reins/rope of the toboggan. *rolls eyes and sighs*

I wish I could retire so I can do pointless stuff like that.