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So, today Booger and I drove back to the big bad City. Opera Queen didn't come back with us since she felt that it was a titch early for leaving her family. Which, as it turns out, was a good thing.

Man, do we have a car full of crap.

As per usual, my mother went a little crazy this season. Booger got a 17" flat monitor, we both got cameras and MP3 disc players, and I got a new huge back pack for my trip to Europe. My sister and mom went berserk at an army surplus store here and bought me things such as: an emergency kit, a canteen, a thermos, Canadian tags and patches for my back pack, a rain pancho, a glow-in-the-dark flashlight, and so on.

I visited Happygoth and Witchgoddess while I was home. All is well in their cute house. Cannon Fodder came home as well. I still think the army brainwashed him, but there is a few glimpses left of his moronic self. Plus, he taught me some moves on how to kill students with my bare hands.

Damn rights they are going to listen to me now!