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Does Anyone Know A Priest-For-Hire?

Nothing like the smell of burnt plastic to create a comfortable environment. *sighs* I was vacuuming, and my vacuum momentarily caught hold of my phone cord and shredded it a titch. My phone cord survived, but now I'm burning an incense cone to annihilate the burning smell.

So, I phoned FORD at school today. As per usual, I phoned when my mechanic ("My mechanic"? I have never met the guy. At this rate, he should be buying me dinner.)and he was out to lunch. Ryan, the always-apologetic but still cute service technician phoned me back. The mechanic had worked on my car for 9 hours, but is only charging me 4.5 hours because...

(wait for it....)

They can't figure out what is wrong with my car. *smacked head against the wall* They are mystified, and the very unofficial diagnosis is that my car is possessed. In this slightly warmer weather (only feeling like -26 degrees Celcius now), it is starting fine. I'm picking up the beast tomorrow, and now is the process of getting my car safetied.

Moving on, I'm reading a book in my Curriculum as Cultural Transmission class. It's called Keeper 'N Me by Richard Wagamese. It's about a man returning to his Ojibway roots after a life of foster homes and a few years in jail. And yes, Opera Queen, you were right. I started crying when Garnet, the lead character, first went "home". *grins sheepishly* What can I say? I'm absolutely enthralled.