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Still Kicking

I am surprisingly awake. Last night, I was absolutely stir crazy. Epona phoned about 9 p.m., and we decided, since we weren't hungry at all, we should go to Boston Pizza and eat. *shakes head and sighs* Ate some food and topped it off with a dessert named "Chocolate Explosion". Man, am I ever glad I'm not a chickie that really cares about what I eat. At any rate, I had a good sugar high for hours. Went back to her place and talked, and then she asked if she could read my Tarot Cards. For some reason, I said "sure". Normally, I'm very guarded about people "reading" into me. And, to tell you the honest truth, there are some questions I don't want answered. At any rate, it was interesting (apparently, money doesn't grow on trees and I have to chill out in the future *grins*), and I got home after 3 a.m.....

To get up at 6 a.m. for the gym. So, after 2+ hours of sleep, I went to the gym and then school. My "East" presentation for Curriculum as Cultural Transmission flopped horrendously, and I got to sleep an hour before my doctor's appointment at the Family Planning Clinic.

The outcome of my Doctor's appointment.... it looks like I'm going to have difficulty having children if I ever choose to. I don't know how I really feel about that yet. Apparently, something is not quite right with my ovaries (too much one hormone, not enough of another), and this does happen to some females. So, I have to have an ultrasound near the end of February (attention to all: I am NOT pregnant!) to double-check that it's a hormonal thing and nothing more serious. *shrugs* Well, I guess that makes my life a little less stressful at this point, but like I said, I haven't given my final verdict on this news.