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Wow, 4 Days in 1!!! What A Bargain!

I realise that I really enjoy cottage cheese. In fact, it is almost no effort what-so-ever to buy a small container of the 1% variety, turn on my computer, and eat the whole bloody thing. May sound disgusting, but I continue doing it anyway.

Let's see.... I have been extremely lazy as of late, so I guess a have a "few" days to cover.... (and since I don't know how to add links that lead to longer posts, you will have to suffer through it all)

Thursday was an absolute blast! That night was the night of my Body Shop / AOV party. Yet again, it amazes me how many sexually frustrated friends I have. *grins* Myself, I ordered quite a bit from Body Shop and a few items from AOV. The one that Skinner Boy might benefit from is a sample variety pack of "Better Head Gel". *shakes head* When I told him about that, he thought I was trying to tell him that his hair was messy.

At any rate, the totals of the party were that Body Shop was a shade over $200, AOV over $480 (!!!), two bowls full of punch, two loaves filled with spinach dip, two baking pans of mini brushetta, 2 bottles of wine (1 red and 1 white), 4 beer, 5 gift packs for games, and a few other things. Whew! Yes, I've been so lazy, I haven't finished cleaning up this place yet!

After midnight (when the last person finally left), I went to the Education social for the last hour. That's when I found myself dragged to that damn Country bar again. Yep, still don't like that place. Left at closing, and that wraps up Thursday.

Friday was good. I puttered around and did some reading. Skinner Boy took me out for supper, where we ran into one of his uncles. That was funny. Came home and relaxed.

Saturday came and I didn't do anything really interesting, yet again. I went for lunch with Skinner Boy before he went to work. I went over to my Dad's girlfriend's place to monopolize on their washing machine and cable. That's right, they're at Vegas, yet again. *sighs* I will make it back there. The two good things I inherited from my father was the love of gambling and drinking. Well, I call them "good things". *grins*

Skinner Boy phoned me that night. He's going to take a break from his respite work on the weekends. The kid that he looks after likes to go to Ruckers on Saturday to play Something-Yi-Go (you know, from the anime that reminds me of Pokemon). At any rate, he doesn't think he can handle it anymore. He used to be seriously into that jazz, and he spent a lot of money on it. And got very competitive. He quit and never really looked back. If you remember back during the summer when I attended an anime conference with him? He was pissed off at a little kid because he wasn't playing it "right"? *sighs* So, he said he realised it was enough when the kid playing against his respite kid started to cheat, and Skinner Boy wanted to beat him up. He tells me it was like an addiction to him and he doesn't want anything to do with it now. *shrugs* I admit, I don't quite understand, but I guess I'll support him anyway.

Then I went to Skullet Man's house for a few beer and watching cable TV. Man, do I ever hate beer. We went to the Hip Hop bar for a bit, where I ran into my old Lead Hand and a few classmates. Then I walked home.

Continuing with the trend of doing nothing, I went back to Skullet Man's house. My purpose was to boost my car (yes, it's starting to get a tad chilly again) and go back to my Dad's for more TV and laundry. Yep, sure watched TV at Skullet Man's as well. Got to my Dad's after 4 p.m., did laundry and watched TV until 5:30 or so, slept on the couch until 9 p.m., and now I'm eating cottage cheese while trying to decide if I should even bother starting my homework.



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Jan. 19th, 2004 06:18 pm (UTC)
*as Jez leaps into the 21st century* Mucho gracias, Senior!
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