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Moloko and Cookies

Good morning all....

I am really starting to enjoy this "no working" thing. Today is a statutory holiday at ye olde slaughter house. Right now, I would have worked 4 hours already and be on my lunch break, contemplating my existence. Instead, I'm in my purple bath robe, bathed, and smelling good. I rather enjoy the latter.

What did we do at Special K's yesterday? We ate in a restaurant, where I had a wrap that continuously fell apart. Yes, my friends didn't realise it was dinner and entertainment all in one. Then, we went back to her place, started a fire in her backyard, and had SMORES.

I love smores. I love everything about smores. I love the fact that it is impossible to remain clean making them. I love the fact that you are going to lose at least one marshmellow to the fire gods. I love that you are going to get a least one good lungful of wood smoke. It also reminds me of home.

I grew up North. My high school years were spent outside of the city in a Provincial Park. I would have eaten my smores with a frozen daiquiri (and, in the old days, sparked up the occasional joint), and then jumped in the lake. Or, taken a walk through the nature trails. Sometimes, I can't understand these so-called "parks" down here, with their poplar trees and paved paths. I wonder what would happen if these suburbanite people had to go "camping", and not drive the camper or RV to a spot that had an electrical outlet. Oh well, to each their own, I suppose.

Sorry about that digression. What are my plans for today, you may ask? Lunch with an acquaintance at the local greasy spoon restaurant, finding a new bolt for my bike, laundry, and continuing reading "A Clockwork Orange". (Not necessarily in that order) I've owned the book forever, but never fully finished reading it. Today may be the day.

Oh yes, today may be the day.