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Poor kid....

A kid came soliciting at our doorstep today. I wonder if he realised what kind of neighborhood he was in. So, one of my room-mates and myself bought some chocolates from him. After all, good cause.... right?

No, turns out this kid is doing it as a job. The sticker proclaims:

Youth Works
After school work for students
This is not a charity
Thank you for your support

Wha da *bleep*?!?!? Look at my crack whore house, and then sell me some chocolates to buy more baggy clothes, hookers, or whatever you kids purchase now these days.

(No, I'm not really that old... I just feel cheesed off that I thought I endured a horrific sales pitch in order to support some charity, when, in reality, he is a solicitor in training)

Then I wonder if he's making more than I make. I hope the kid doesn't get "rolled" trying some of our neighbors. But, maybe it's karma. After all, it's not a charity, and the chocolates are kind of crappy.

Moving on.... The Little Red Headed Boy (check out "I forgot!", May 15th, 2003) when we were seeing each other, introduced me to the intriguing world of "The Sandman". If you have some spare time, check out Neil Gaiman's site (the writer). Better yet, buy the comic series. You won't be disappointed.

Now, back to the crappy chocolates.