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Right now, sore throat and all, I traveled to the City without a functional speedometer to go to a concert with Booger. She has won a free ticket to the Nickelback concert.

Okay, what I mean is she benefited with the parting of Skinner Boy and I.

*shrugs* Nickelback is okay *as Jez gets tomatoed by fellow Canadians*, but my sister and I are much more interested in Three Days Grace and Staind.

And I also have two projects due for my Multi Grade Classroom class, but since I hate the class and the prof, I don't really give a flying....

Okay, what I mean is I will produce a half-arsed project after the concert.

*looks in the kitchen* Mmmmm.... nothing like returning to my white-trash roots like some Hamburger Helper. With Veggie Ground Round, of course.