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Really now. If you are going to be a University library to work, why the cell phones??? *frowns*

Happy VD Day. Yes, you read that right, and mayhaps I am slightly bitter, but that's okay. Opera Queen and I are probably going to order a heart-shaped pizza from Dominos, eat some Laura Secord chocolate I got from Skinner Boy's parents at Xmas time, and watch bad movies and feel sorry for ourselves. Actually, I can't hardly wait. *grins*

My internet doesn't appear to be working. I think, besides the shortage of time, I haven't phoned my internet provider yet because if someone has to come to my apartment, I'll actually have to clean. *grins sheepishly* Okay, I admit I've been lazier than usual, but now it's gotten out of hand. I wonder how much the city charges to use one of their snow removal vehicles?

I went to supper and the bar last night. Yesterday was Blondie's 24th birthday. I bought her a DVD and made some MP3 discs for her car. Then we found out that her stereo doesn't play MP3s. Damn. At any rate, this instance was not really what I wanted to ramble about....

Blondie, her man, and I were having a couple of drinks when my old lead hand came and sat with us. Not a biggie, since he's there every weekend, and we get along great. Then, it starts....

RedHat- "So, I hear that you are single"

Jez- "Oh yeah, where did you hear that?"

RedHat - "Oh, Skinner Boy told me."


Jez - "How did that come up?"
(since, as far as I know, Skinner Boy didn't talk to him socially)

RedHat - "Oh, I asked how you were doing, and he told me that you dumped him. Something about he loving you but you not loving him."

Wow. Okay, I did break it off with him. But, to tell you the truth, I haven't been yelling it from the rooftops. Actually, Blondie heard it through her man who heard it from Skinner Boy even before I told her. Fine. Not like it's that much of a secret... perhaps he's a bit more open that I thought he was. What I can't figure out is why he's telling people that I didn't love him.

Yes, that is the truth, I didn't love him. And I guess I'm not mad or anything. I just can't figure out why he's declaring it to people loud and clear. And, it may be my paranoid mind working again, but why is it appear to be people that I talk to or used to party with?


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Feb. 15th, 2004 07:10 am (UTC)
he's telling othrs so they see him as the victim or victum. I would do the same and tell anyone who would listen. Just tell them that a story is like a pancake, they both have two sides. that's from dr phil.

Feb. 15th, 2004 04:44 pm (UTC)
*wrinkles nose* I don't like Dr. Phil.

Plus, he's not lied or anything... he's just told everyone.
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