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An Introduction?

So, I was talking to Opera Queen today and she told me that her room-mate is sad. Apparently, she was reading my journal, and thought I didn't like her becuase she didn't have a nickname here. To give a little background, she is the other person I was stuck in my beast of a car with overnight(Sept. 15, 2003)and she is also room-mates with Opera Queen and Bo Beri. As well, she is not only from the same place as I was, but even the same street.

So here she is. May I introduce...
Paranoid Twig.

Okay, I admit, I have came up with better names in the past... but I would bet anyone that as soon as she reads this, she'll wonder if I like her since I didn't seem to give her a "snazzy" name, and question what I meant by twig.