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Damn! When did Chee-tos get so good?!? *munch, munch*

So, I'm at the school right now. That's right, this Master Procrastinator still hasn't done anything about her Internet. *munch, munch, munch* I'll do it later. Maybe. But at any rate, it's time for an update! (Wow, a poet and didn't know it)

Item #1 - I don't have a teaching placement yet.
Item #2 - I made out with a girl.

Item #1:
So, I don't have a placement yet. With less than two weeks left before we start teaching, I do not have a placement yet. With the last requirement to my degree, leading to certification, is to finish this last teaching placement... I do not have a placement yet. *sighs* Sensing a trend here?

One Eyed Willie, which I fondly refer to our Field Experience Officer behind his back, is slightly unorganized. Don't get me wrong, he does have good intentions. He knows that I'm poor, so we have meetings to figure out if I have places to live and such if he sends me away (HINT: I don't have many connections in life). As well, he notices I have plenty of Northern teaching experience, so he thought it would be a good idea if I stay in the southern part of the province. Kudos, I say.

Yet, this still doesn't seem to be helping me right now. Meh. Our next meeting is on Wednesday.

Item #2:
It was Big Bear's 24th birthday on Friday.

At any rate, Opera Queen and I drove in on Friday to celebrate this momentous occasion. Okay, really it was to drink, get a ride in a limo, and visit a "Big City Bar". The day went okay...
(we went in early so Opera Queen could check out the school that she would be teaching in. I wonder what that is like.)
... went shopping, picked up Posh Spice from work and ate an early supper at her place. We got ready, and headed to Big Bear's.

For dessert, I decided to drink 750 mL of Bailey's. Yes, I realise I'm poor, but my credit card tells me it's okay to by alcohol. It's good for the soul.

At any rate, fast-forward past the limo ride and such, and we are now in one of the rooms at the bar I named "The Green Room" (which had that alien green light coming from the bar and such to make everyone look ill). I am ... well.... turbo drunk. Then there is this guy that wasn't too aesthetically pleasing....

Ugly Guy - *looks down my tank top* I like your boobs.

Me - Er.....

Ugly Guy - I noticed that you have a lip ring. Do you have a nipple ring and clit ring too?

Me - No, but my girlfriend does.

It just popped out. I think my brain realised that I did not have the coordination at the time to kick him in the nuts. So, I left him and started walking to some girls I know. And the bugger followed me! So, I approached one girl, which I knew was very "free with sexuality" and said, "I know this is weird, but can I kiss you for a minute?".

Needless to say, we made out, I talked about how she and me have been together for 2 and a half years, and she instantly fell into the stereotype of the "man-hating lesbo". She did compliment me on my kissing later, which was nice to hear. After all, you never know if guys are telling the truth when it comes to stuff like that.


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Feb. 24th, 2004 10:38 am (UTC)
Feb. 25th, 2004 07:05 am (UTC)
*grins* Actually, I think I was too drunk for even that. *raises an eyebrow* If that's possible.....
Feb. 26th, 2004 09:44 am (UTC)
can we make out sometime, I'd like to know if you are a good kisser?
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