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Me? Late??? Never!

I've decided that not having internet in my home is starting to suck. I'm experiencing withdrawal symptoms. One moment, I'll be watching TV, and before I know it, I'll be sitting at my computer trying to connect. I'm not even conscious of it half of the time. If it wasn't for The Sims, I wouldn't know how else to waste my time. *grins*

At the moment, I'm half done my assignment that is less than a week overdue. I guess I'm improving. *grins* I want to get that done, and a few extra overdue lesson plans, so that all I have to do this week is my overdue Media Portfolio and my Unit Plan for Multi Age Classroom. *reads entry* Hmmm.... it seems that I have typed "overdue" a few times. I wonder if this could be a clue to a characteristic of mine... *shakes head* Nah.