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Ramblings about Money

Mon Dieu! Is this school's sticky buns ever good! Though, I feel kind of sorry for whoever uses this keyboard next...

Things are happening in the Wild World O' Jez. Today, I'm going to find the little town that I am going to start teaching in (this Monday!!! AHHHHHH!!!!). My mother tried to convince me to get a cell phone for when (apparently, not "if") my car breaks down again. Geez, just because I had to camp on the Trans Canada Highway a few times.... *grins* So, I'm meeting the Principal today, getting a tour of the school, and hopefully I'll be able to sit in on some of my classes to get a "feel" for this approaching phenomenon.

I have been spending money like a mad woman! Today, I spent over $70 for the conspiracy known as "certification". It's horrid enough when you have to pay for two degrees, but just to milk a little more money from you, they charge you money to get certified. Your Bachelor of Education is not enough to teach, I suppose. Blimey!

Our University participates in teacher exchanges with Wales. I met the Wales girls the other day, and the two catch-phrases of the day is "Lovely" and "Blimey".

Continuing with my rant, I parked in a one-hour zone for my exam on Wednesday, and (you guessed it), I forgot to move my car. A nice $20 ticket awaited me. It would have cost me less to be a pompous jerk and park at one of the meters at the front of the school, and not pay. *shakes head* Damn, damn the Man.

Adding on to that $20, I spent $700. *picks herself off the floor* I know. The credit card companies must really love me. I bought 4 new tires for my death trap, a new pair of hiking shoes/boots (that have not been previously owned by anyone!), grad photos (so my mummy can hang my pasty face on her wall), and then I thought, why stop there? So, I ordered out for supper.

I wasn't destined to have money anyway.


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(Deleted comment)
Mar. 6th, 2004 12:45 pm (UTC)
Do not fret, Mr. Nevermore. I am a learner as well, and I have been known to make the occasional mistake. After all, rumour has it that I'm not "perfect".

*twitches and silently plots ghastly revenge*
(Deleted comment)
Mar. 6th, 2004 06:23 pm (UTC)
okay, so people from england are british, and people from wales are welsh, then what do they call aliens from uranus?
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