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To brush or not to brush...

So, we are approaching the noon hour and I decide that I might as well attempt this journaling thing that I jumped into last night (morning?)

I could tell you a bit about myself, or ramble. I think I'll ramble.

I got up this morning, later than I wanted to, and left for a doctor's appointment without taking a shower. Nor brushing my hair. Negative on washing my face as well. Usually, I brush my teeth, but that didn't happen either. Why, you may ask... I don't have a toothbrush.

Last night, I threw out my toothbrush. I have one in my school bag that is better (given by my sister when I visited her last). So, without a second thought, I threw out my trusty partner in fighting tooth decay and bad breath, dependent on the newer toothbrush.

Now, I don't know where my bag is. I am sitting here, contemplating about life, when the horrific taste of morning breath invades. So, I have been drinking liquids to try to erase the fact that my tongue is that attractive pasty white when my tongue runs across my teeth and I feel it...

My teeth feel like sandpaper.

Not just any sand paper. Bacteria ridden sandpaper. Sandpaper filled with crevices of bad breath and possible discoloration.

Now, would it be okay to go into the trash and retrieve my forsaken toothbrush? Should I just "suck it up", scrounge some change, and walk through the rain to the store? Or, should I smile proudly and try to breathe on everyone who mistakenly wanders into my path?

Oh, the drama....