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Yay... for small towns????

Yep, not having the internet is really starting to suck. But that's okay, because tomorrow I'll be in a different place.

On Friday, I traveled to the small town that I am going to start teaching in. And I fell in love with the place! Even better.... the principal is very laid back, and we have similar philosophies about teaching. "I would rather have a teacher that is strict than have one that is boring." He's all about the challenging of students. Hence, new teacher starting on Monday. My co-operating teacher for English apparently wasn't that great (a replacement for a chickee on maternity leave) and was let go. My Grade 10's are studying Romeo & Juliet right now.

Surprisingly, all my teachers have thought that R&J has been overdone, so I have never read it!

Grade 11 is doing Macbeth. I thoroughly enjoy Macbeth. The best part though... my Grade 10 & 11 Pre-Calculus class only has 8 students! Wahoo! *jumps up and down* I start teaching polynomials on Wednesday! Exciting!

Just wait... you think I'm a geek now, but we are going to have a party on Monday. See, the date on Sunday is the 14th, and that makes it.... PI DAY! Third month, 14th day... 3.14... get it???

*stops bouncing and frowns* I hope I don't scare my students.


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(Deleted comment)
Mar. 8th, 2004 02:16 pm (UTC)
What?! Make them think? Isn't that cruel and unusual punishment?

*wiggles eyebrows*
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