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Pi(e) and snowballs

Greetings one and all!

To began where I left off, my weekend was fine. I got absolutely nothing done! Damn 2 day weekends. *scowls* I'm so used to having Fridays off for "professional development" when I was in Education, that 2 days is not cutting it. So, Saturday came. I slept, cleaned up my apartment, did some grocery shopping, and played a crapload of Sims. Went and saw 50 First Dates (Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore) with Blondie. Actually, it wasn't bad for a "fluffy" film. I left the lights on my car and drained the battery. And that was Saturday.

Sunday I did some laundry, boosted my car, visited my Dad, and visited Smelly Marker Girl and Epona. Wow, no productivity what-so-ever. Frig. *sighs*

Pi Day yesterday went along famously. My students played with some tangrams trying to form different shapes. Yep, the teacher sure didn't solve a single puzzle. *grins* I did Grade 5 & 6 lunch supervision duty. Either it's true and girls mature faster than boys, or all the boys in this little town smokes crack.

I also made my Veggie chili for the folks I am staying with. Even with only one jalapeno pepper in it, I guess it's a bit spicy. *shrugs* I made some garlic bread as well and brought dessert, so the kids were sedated. I drove back to my humble abode since Epona was having a farewell get-together. I ate half of Smelly Marker Girl's dessert, and went to bed.

And woke up to utter crap. Western Manitoba had a "blizzard warning" for the weekend, but the roads weren't that swell today either. Slipper and almost no visibility. No competing traffic though, because who would be driving on the highways at 7 a.m.? *shakes head* I'm not even on the west edge of the province! Dagnamit God, quit throwing snowballs at me! Pick on someone your own size!

Er.... *looks around* That is all.