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I have totally forgotten how freakin' amazing Frosted Flakes are! *munch, munch, munch*

This weekend has been another slacker weekend.... *sighs happily* Which is my favourite kind! On Friday, using a gift certificate my Daddy gave me at Xmas, I took Smelly Marker Girl and her man out for supper. There is a little Italian joint here that I thoroughly enjoy, and they have live blues on Friday nights. I didn't tell my friends about that, so I think they were pleasantly surprised. And, as per usual, the food was excellent. So, I had a couple of glasses of wine there, and then went back to Smelly Marker Girl's place for some Baby Duck. *laughs* Nothing spells "class" like cheap wine that tastes like fruit juice...

On Saturday, I went to a girl's birthday party. For her 21st, she decided to go and play at the local arcade. I had a blast! There is a dancing game where there is a dance pad on the floor, and you have to match what they are doing on the screen. True, I sucked, but I didn't fall over. *grins* And that is a major accomplishment.

So, we went to the local Hip Hop bar after cake and such at her family's (reminder: we have a pop/country bar, or a hip-hop-ish bar). I drank, danced, and a few guys looked down my shirt. It was a successful evening.....

..... though, I am now reconsidering the idea of going to the gym after a night of drinking. *grimices* Oi vey, not too much fun today.