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Another lump of sugar, please.

Yeah weekend! Wow, only 2 more weeks of student teaching to go! And the main thought that crosses my mind.....

"Crap! Opera Queen and I better decide where we are traveling to, and soon!"

The Diabetes-O-Fun test was... well.... not fun at all! *pouts* It sucked. I stopped eating the night before, and dragged me arse out of bed to get blood drawn at 8:50 the next morning. Normally, fasting is not a biggie, but I'm a huge water-lover. No liquids. Damn.

So, this is the test: Pee in a cup, blood drawn, drinking sugary stuff that is the equivalent to orange pop with sugar, blood drawn a half hour later (assuming you kept the drink down), blood drawn half hour later, blood drawn another freakin' half hour later, blood drawn an hour later, and finally (wait for it...) another blood test an hour after that. So, by noon, I'm weak and groggy, and I have track marks on my arms like a smack fiend.

Not quite my idea of a good time. But, like any good possible-diabetic, I ate some chocolate Easter eggs afterward.

*grins* If I haven't died, had a stroke, had a heart attack, or gone into a coma yet with my eating or other habits, I'm sure that I don't have much to worry about. Now, trying to convince that to my mother... *rolls eyes*