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Good Car Day?

Yes, in fact, it's turning out to be quite the decent car day. I went to FORD today to fix up the last of the lingering problems, and when they fixed the first problem (replacing a speed sensor in my transmission), it cleared up everything else! WAHOO! Except for a burnt out interior light, my car is fixed!!! *looks around for wood to knock on*

And just like the sucker that I am with relationships, I have forgiven my car. I don't think I'll sell it now, especially since it is working! At any rate, I'm not going to do a single thing to it until after Europe...

Which is 17 days away, if you are counting along!

So, that is my morning. At this moment, I have chunks of grass and dirt in my hair, eyes, and ears. Yes, ears. My father picked the driest and windiest day to do yard work. I have mowed the front lawn of my Dad's and the neighbor's (since they snow-blow the driveway during winter). There is still the backyard (which I kid you not, is larger than both front yards), and then rototill the garden.

Oh, how I loathe rototilling. Especially when I get about half done, and from the constant struggling with the vibrating beast, my skin begins to separate from the palms of my hands. But, I admit, after I shake all the dirt off of me, wash up, and grab a beer for a job well done, I find this flabby skin quite amusing. *grins*