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Time to change your clocks!

Those who partake in the phenomenon known as “Daylight Savings Time”, don’t forget to set your clocks one hour ahead. That’s right, one hour of my freedom just disappeared. That could have been a whole hour of Sims!

Not too much has happened this March Break. Thursday, I left Opera Queen in my apartment (which she tidied up! YEAH!) and buggered off to a small place in Saskatchewan to visit my grandparents. When I saw them, it hit me that I haven’t seen them in 5 years oir so. Damn.

At any rate, I had a good time. Friday, my Grandma taught me whist in the morning, and I entered in the tournament at the Drop In in the afternoon. *grins* Of course I didn’t win anything, but these old people were sassy. I think I was the youngest by… er, about 40 years at least? Anyway, old people like to eat, and so do I. When I dropped off (Great) Auntie Alice and Grandma and I headed back to her place, we noticed a red car in the driveway. Booger made it out! As long as I haven’t seen the old folks, tack on a couple of more years to her score. Plenty of Yatzhee to be had by all, scammed some of my Grampa’s amazing scroll saw wood work (I now have a foot-tall Effiel Tower)and we parted our separate ways this morning.

I stopped in Rockstar’s town on my way back. I phoned and his brother told me he was at church. When I asked why he wasn’t at church, he told me that he was devoid of sin.

I almost fell over and died. *rolls eyes* What a funny guy!

So, at any rate… Rockstar, if you are reading this, I even stopped off at your lovely church until it donned on me I looked like some sort of “gangsta ho” and would probably start a lynch mob after the service let out. Plus, I realised how awkward to could have been, you looking snazzy and being spiritual with your family, and then I tackle you, nod to the folks, and then leave. Didn’t make much sense to me, compadre.

So, um, yeah. Happy Palms Friday to all, and I’m going to go put on some pants. Ciao.