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Let's try this again....

*howls and throws the computer across the room* Okay, this is it! I deleted the last entry by mistake, and I'm tired of this crap! To start off, again, the British do not have anything to worry about since we never got off the ground. *growls* A freak snow flurry/blizzard/tickoffJez storm-like phenomenon swept through the city and our flight got canceled. What was even worse is that we were already on the plane. I was having flashbacks to Sault Ste. Marie = HELL ON EARTH!!! and telling Opera Queen it would be okay since they didn't ask us to get off the plane when the announcement came to "deplane".

Which isn't a word. Which means that our trip has hit a snag. Read more here since the lovely opera_queen got a journal! Welcome Chica!

Anyway, so we switched all the flights to today and meat a wonderful woman who offered us a ride to downtown. From there, we played with the bus routes for an hour, I got at least 3 soakers and a chill, phone my sister from one of the universities, bought coolers and ordered pizza. Tried to cancel our first hostel, but since it wasn't 24 hours notice, they might charge my credit card anyway.


Today is a new day. Today, we will get out of this bloody city, land in Montreal (which is just great since I don't speak any french what-so-ever), fly to London, and arrive at 7:30 in the morning.