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Good evening Amsterdam!

Well, today we experienced a few... well, one may say "mishaps", I like to call then "fun mini adventures". *grins* First off, we thought that our train/ferry for Amsterdam left at 10:30 a.m.

Oops, it left at 8:30 a.m. *shrugs* No biggie. We ate breakfast and went to the "Chill Room" for a few hours. opera_queen dosed for a few and watched some British soap operas, and I read a trashy romance novel that was on the "Free Books" bookshelf. Talk about cheap, there was only one sex scene! Hrumph.

After buying a few groceries, we took the tubes (do I sound foreign yet?) to Waterloo International Station and caught a train to Brussels, then we caught another train to this lovely city of Amsterdam.

And yes, the first thing we did smell was the smell of marijuana.

So, my bright Idea, since we had to get on Tram 1, 2, or 5, jump on the thing that says 5. Riiiiight, that was another train. So, we trained back, went to the surface, and actually caught a tram this time. *crosses eyes* No big deal... it took 15 minutes out of our ever-so-busy schedule.

After a brief walk, we found our new home, The Flying Pig Palace(free internet here!!!). Our room is room #1, which is kind of in the bar and the door doesn't seem to close properly. Yep, someone sure had their stuff in my locker. So, the person on duty came by with lock cutters, and removed his or her stuff. Apparently, if anyone is disgruntled tomorrow, I'll tell them that the stuff is in reception. *looks around* I hope we have only mellow folk here.

By the way, for those back home, it is 11:35 p.m. local time.... 4:35 p.m. your time. Which means, you could e-mail me and tell me what's new, and that would be a nice thing to read over breakfast.... *HINT, HINT*