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Hamburg: home of the hamburg-er?

Okay, I realise that I made an extremely bad joke, and I'm probably not the first tourist to make that connection... but it still made me giggle. *grins*

Today is opera_queen's and my second day in Hamburg, Germany. First off, it is extremely hard to type fast here since their computer keyboards are different! I want a "y", I get a "z", and so on. So, I apologize in advance if a couple of typos find their way through. Second, what is the deal with carbonated water?!?! We can't seem to find "still" water for the life of us, and I think bubbly water is gross. Excuse me while I pry myself from every available water tap. *growls* So, I may resort to drinking alcoholic beverages soon. Which may be easier, since I have heard that even the McDonald's here serve beer. *strokes chin* Hmmmmmm.....

By the way, I still am not a big beer fan, but after Amsterdam, I'm starting to grow an appreciation for Heineken.

So, we get off the train yesterday (after our first train being delayed and we had to reroute), and we were wandering around lost. Finding our hotel should not be difficult since our only instructions were "only 100 m from the train station". Perhaps the problem laid in the fact I wasn't quite sure how far 100m was, or in what direction. *shrugs* At any rate, we began asking random people where we should go. Then it happened. In our wanderings, two guys called out to us in English. It felt like a life-boat! So, we went and talked to them. They were very polite and nice black Germans (turned out that they were born in Nigeria) and took our hotel confirmation papers (that was a little weird) and walked us to our hotel. Then we decided to all go out after an hour or so, once Leanne and I unpacked and showered.

Yes, that's right... two girls can unpack, shower, and get ready in an hour. Are we abnormal for our super abilities? *grins*

We go out. It's kind of funny since we are in Germany, and we go out of Chinese food. *chuckles* But, it was decent food. The guys bought wine, and we walked to a park and drank.

Yes, more public drinking that, apparently, is not against the law here. *looks around* Is this heaven???

As we try to make things perfectly clear that these guys are absolutely great for helping us and showing us around (I even gave them Canadian key chains in thanks) but they aren't going to get anything out of the deal but conversation, the flirting starts. By the end of the night, they are trying to convince us to go back to their place.

Don't get me wrong... they were still polite and such, and if this happened with two different guys, we could have been in trouble. One guy kept making references to love and such while the another guy was holding my hand. I told him that hand-holding was as far as he would get with me. *grins* Perhaps I wasn't made to be a whore, though I could have more fun I suppose.

Needless to say, we didn't get around to phoning them today. Now, before you start yelling, that was actually legitimate. We went on a tour bus and saw a bit more of Hamburg. We even climbed more bloody stairs at St. Michaelis Church (only 449 this time.... damn). By the time we got back to the hotel, dehydrated since the carbonated water wasn't very consumable to our delicate tastes *rolls eyes*, tired, and perhaps a little burnt out already, we relaxed in bed and read. I managed to have a shower (so my towel will be dry for packing tomorrow), reorganized my backpack (since it seemed to be exploding), and we heard a knock on the door. It was one of the guys asking why we didn't phone. So, we talked for a bit, and then he excused himself to go re-park since he wasn't in a good parking spot.

And he didn't come back. So, I don't know if he went to pick up the other guy, if we were ditched, or what. We waited a bit, then made our way to our friendly, neighborhood internet cafe.

Talking more about the bus tour we took today, it was good. We saw some lakes (the outer and inner Alster), saw where the various nation's consulates lived (coincidently, only the US had baracades and security...), and even saw where some of the rich people lived. Very beautiful view and flowers and such... and some of the real estate went for 10,000 Euros per square metre! *jaw drops down* Dah-ham... I would want to own the lake for that instead of just the view!

For more info about what we actually did, feel free to check up on opera_queen's journal because, hey, I'm lazy.

We decided to skip Munich tomorrow with alter motives in mind. If we can skim off a bit of the trip here and there, we may have time to see Ireland! As well, I think my partner in crime is ready for Austria. Tomorrow: Mission Salzburg.


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May. 19th, 2004 11:38 am (UTC)
Ok, the Nigerian German experience that you had was different than mine. Perhaps that I threw in that I was a good Catholic girl and oh, had a boyfriend...hmmm...I wonder where he is. They knew that there was nowhere to go with me, which is why I think no moves were put on...at least that's what my ego would like to believe.

*grins with relief*
May. 20th, 2004 10:59 am (UTC)
*grins* Mayhaps I was being slightly dramatic (who woulda thunk?) but the guy beside me was veeeeery friendly, and slightly intoxicated, me thinks.
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