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*mumble, mumble, mumble*

At 2.60 euros a half hour, I don't think I'm coherent enough to use this time effectively. Though, either I think I'm getting used to these international keyboards, or I don't care about the typos anymore.

We just spent our last nice at the Euro Youth and Family Hostel in Salzburg, Germany, and it has turned out to be a pretty decent place. Besides all of the Sound of Music crap.

So, we arrived a couple of nights ago (Thursday) from Hamburg and checked in. This is, by far, the largest hostel we have checked into. And one of the cheapest for rooming and food, except for the internet situation (which, in all fairness, may be the going rate around these parts). We checked our email and settled down to watch The Sound of Music which plays every night at 8 p.m. Here is we met an Ottawa girl named Maria (which hates the movie due to her name) and we watched the movie together. opera_queen and I started dipping into the wine (which made the movie much more entertaining) and talked with other patrons of Happy Hour. Before I knew it, the movie was on the second half and I was drunk. Good times.

Next day, we got up at 7 a.m. and got ready for...
(wait for it...)
a 3 and a 1/2 hour Sound of Music Tour for 29 euros. WAHOOOOOOOO!!!!! *grins* Actually, it wasn't that horrific since we had a chance to see some countryside which we know we wouldn't be able to see otherwise. We went to Hellburn where they are holding the famous gazebo, er "The Little Summerhouse"...

Quick funny story: Apparently, years ago, some 80-something year old woman was trying to jump bench to bench like in the movie, sprained her ankle, and smashed through a side of windows. Obviously, they keep the gazebo locked up now.

AHHHH!!!!! 3 minutes left! Dagnamit! Okay, I'll have to continue later. For more info, as always, check out opera_queen's journal, since she wrote more than me.