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Wow, opera_queen sure has been keeping better track than I have. So, let's backtrack to the hills that are apparently alive with the sound of music...

So, I left off with the Little Summer House. We also traveled to Leopoldskrone (Leopold's Crown) where Fraulein Maria and the Von Trapp Children fell out of their canoe. We stopped off in Mondsee to see the church where they filmed the wedding of Maria and the captian, and I shared an apple strudel with Opera Queen at a little place called Cafe Braun.

Before we knew it, the tour ended with the ever-so-cheezy soundtrack playing in the bus, and Adrian (from Britian), Opera Queen and I started exploring a bit more of Slaburg. We trudged (okay, they walked, I trudged) up the steep slope to the Salzburg Fortress. The woman in the giftshop told us it was only 120 metres high, but we deduced that she was on crack. *grins* In there, we learned aboutthe variations the fortress has undergone over the years and how impenatrable it really is. Also, we were told why Austrians were sometimes refered to as "Bullwashers"..... but perhaps some secrets were never meant to be shared. *wiggle eyebrows*

Or, perhaps I'm even starting to bore myself.

Located in the Fortress walls was also Nonneburg Abbey, where the real Maria studied had studied to enter the nunnery. Since being built in the 700's, it is one of the oldest nunneries in Europe. Also, there was coin-operated machinery to operate the lights. Adrian and I thought that was bizarre/humourous, and Opera Queen told me later that:
1. Nuns have no money, and lights get expensive
2. Continuous light affects the artwork inside.

That night, we watched a free concert at the Salzburg Cathedral (put on by Americans!), had a good meal and watched that infurnal movie again.

Sunday was very dreary, so I donned on my raincoat, and Adrian, Maria, Opera Queen, and I walked around visiting the birthplace and living place of Mozart. Do they ever prostitute the memory of Mozart... especially since they didn't even like Mozart back in the day! *shrugs* I guess anything to make a buck... We went back to the hostel and played cards, Adrian went to the train station, we went out and ate some Mozart cake (with a Mozart chocolate on top), revisited the Cathedral, listen to a massive glockenshpeil play (I know, I should be shot for my spelling), and topped off the night with a spinach pizza.

Whew! Thank gawd, because that was Salzburg.

Now, about Vienna....
We arrived in Vienna on Sunday early evening. We just chilled out at the hostel
(they play movies every night! Different ones! None to do with the "dreaded movie")

Monday, we visited Schonbrunn, which is the summer residence of Sisi (Empress Elisabeth) and Emperor Franz Joseph. We spent all day there! We toured the palace (with a funny tour guide), viewed the Privy Gardens, tried out the maze and labrynth, and generally walked around. There were great water fountains and impressive green space everywhere. There was a sound stage and a half dome set up for a concert (which happened tonight), so we listen to the Wiener *giggles* Philiharmonikker rehearse.

I love typing "wiener".

Today was spent touring the winter residence, the Hofburg Palace. I think we were tired to begin with, but against the odds, we went through the Silver Collection first. That's right folks, dry commentary about every plate they even looked at and piece of silverware they breathed on. *eyes droop* We held up a vailent effort, but I think this tour (which took bloody forever) almost killed us.

The Imperial Apartments was a little more interesting. I have come to the conclusion that people were all about the gold foiling on walls back then. Some of the rooms were nice, but it was too bad we couldn't see anything grandeur, like a ballroom. Opera Queen said that things like that was probably still in use, and she's probably right.

We ended our touring with the Sisi Museum. This was intersting since we got a better perspective of Sis as a person, even though the account was definintely one-sided. She was a poet, and very depressed all the time. The tour guide from yesterday thought that if she would only cut off some of her hair (ankle length), she might have been happier. *grins and shrugs*

We ended today by going back to the Sumemr Residence and eating supper at the cafe there. I had more strudel, but of the carrot, and sheep cheese & spinach variety. Mmmmmmmm..... *rubs stomach* Damn good, and different than the usual cheese or peanut butter & jelly sandwiches I smuggle out of hostels' breaksfasts. We watched the Philiharmonic perform tonight, and dragged ourselves back home.

Too tired for personal commentary, and I think I have rambled on enough. Don't worry, more inanae ramblings to come soon....

P.S. With only 2 minutes left on the timer, I haven't spelled-checked this monstrosity. Just try to deal with it.