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My poor toe...

Okay, I know I'm drastically behind in this contraption called a journal... but with sucky, slow computers and a sore foot, I feel like rambling for a bit instead.

So, opera_queen and I finally made it to Corfu, Greece after THE LONGEST TRIP EVER!!! (Yes, even longer than my experience during the blackout this past summer) To make this really short (yes, I know I rarely mean it when I utter that phrase), the ferry we wanted to take to a little place called Igoumenitsa ran ever day except for Tuesdays, and we were there on a Tuesday. So, we thought about taking a ferry to Patras and backtracking. Slept outside on the ferry deck and got colds. Backtracking wasn't so easy, but we finally got here.... turning a 24 hour trip very close to 48 hours. *bows* I know that takes extreme talent, but we were up for the challenge, and we dragged on that trip like no tomorrow! *sighs*

So, Corfu is lovely... except for the fact that it is windy and cloudy. But hey, one complaint at a time. The resort is great (yes, you read that right.... RESORT, not 12-people-to-a-room hostel). The beach will be great, I can feel it. It's a few stairs and a short hill down to the beach and our breakfast place, but no biggie. Unless you were born with a general lack of coordination, and fall. *hangs head in shame* One of my sandals slipped from under me, and the other foot dragged behind my sorry arse. Ripped it up a bit... but nothing a few drinks to take the edge off. It's feeling better today... it's just annoying.

For those actually reading this monstrosity, I will backdate some entries to let you know how the rest of Vienna and Venice went, but I don't feel like fighting with this computer much longer. For someone who has a LOT more patience, and a steely determination to get caught up in her journal, feel free to harass opera_queen. By the way, she likes comments in her journal as well.

Ciao... er, wrong country. *looks around*