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Magnificent Trees!

Today was a great day!

True, we woke up early. We got up just before 7:30 a.m. to get in line. In line for what, you may ask? ATVs, baby! So, after showers and check-out of the Fabulous Pink Palace, we got on our rented ATVs (only 15 euros) and actually did something today!

The most remarkable part for me was the olive trees. I absolutely loved them! I loved the intertwined, gnarled way the trunks and branches looked, the way they smelled, and how powerful and wise they seemed. Didn't see any olives, though.

After a bit, we stopped off at a beach. Apparently, this beach was even nicer than the one we have on the hotel grounds. opera_queen went swimming while I went walking and collected sea shells by the sea shore. *stifles a giggle* And, best part of it: no sunburn! Er, I should say "new sunburn". I can sit somewhat like a human again. Things are looking up!

Tonight, opera_queen and I are boarding a bus (provided by the Pink Palace) and traveling to Athens. True, we could have gotten there ourselves, and possibly for cheaper, but for only 38(?) euros, we got breakfast and supper for today, a worry-free travel to Athens, and a reservation at the Hostel Aphrodite there. *grins* If I don't have to think, I don't mind paying the money....

And speaking about money, we are running out of it fast. We may be shaving off some days of our adventure. *shrugs* No biggie. We have done more than necessary to feel satisfied, and we haven't cut out the things that we "just had to see"... so, we come home early, and I can use the remaining bit of money left to develop all of these bloody pictures. *rolls eyes*