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Battle Wounds

In hindsight, perhaps Corfu didn't treat me that well. Apparently, the sunburn on my back has sprouted blisters. My run in with the thistle-looking bush (during ATVing, forgot to write about that one) now makes my leg look like it has an alien life on it or some skin disease that you don't want to get within 50 feet from. And, though I didn't think it was possible, my toe has gotten "grosser". I cut back the toe nail today to really clean it. Mmmmmmmmm....... *gags*

Also, it may have dawned on me that I may have been complaining a bit. *grins sheepishly* opera_queen has been writing down my ailments on a piece of paper with an "anything else?". Dang. Perhaps I have nothing worthwhile to say, so I just complain. *mumbles* Compared to what my respective wounds look like, I though I was doing a good job of being nonchalant and non-annoying... *pouts*