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Poke the foot! I dare you!

Yeah, I'm sure getting sick of having physical ailments.

We got into Rome three nights ago. Our first day here, we went on a walking tour of Ancient Rome. It was great! Everything was so well preserved since the temples and such were either changed into Churches once Christianity was "legalized" in 313 AD (I love saying it that way!), or buried by sediment from the Tiber River and excavated at a later date. That night, we saw a FREE music festival (hosted by an ice cream company) and the headliner was STING. *laughs* My mom was sure jealous about that one.

But to continue on with my complaining...

I wore jeans all that day in 40 degree weather since my shorts were... well, just plain gross. And I got a heat rash. Or so we thought. Neither one of us having heat rash before just took an educated guess.

Yesterday was the Vatican City. Absolutely amazing! I found it very peaceful and beautiful. This is really when it hit us that 2 days is not enough time in Rome. Heck, I don't think two days would be enough for the Vatican City. But, instead of telling you more about it, I need to continue with my complaining... *grins*

It was another walking tour. My legs look friggin' gross, like I have a contagious skin disease. Then my foot swells up. No biggie, it doesn't hurt so I put a cold cloth on it. Just for my own knowledge, I walk up to reception and ask where the closest doctor is, and if they speak English. But, really, only for my own curiosity, since it doesn't hurt.

Now, it's turning into a balloon. I find it hard to wiggle my toes. I know there are bones in my foot, I'm just not sure where. It is one of the most disturbing things I have seen thus far.

Today, we have to check-out and make our way to Florence. So, opera_queen is going back to Vatican City to see the Pope wave from his window, and I'm going to see what I can do about this foot. Maybe, like any good freak show, I should take pictures of it to put in my Europe scrapbook. *grins*

Physical ailments aside, Europe is treating us well, and it sucks that we only have two weeks left....