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Ugh. I sweat. A lot. Not that it's my favourite past-time, but it's something I'm apparently good at. My back is cold and clammy, and I feel that I should rub it against opera_queen to make her scream and totally gross her out. *grins*

Things are going well in Italia. Perhaps because we have spent the bulk of our adventures in this country, but it is my favourite thus far. We are drastically running out of money fast. With the idea of not bringing over enough money, cutting our trip short, and days of extreme budgeting ahead, we cope the best way that we know how....

.... by eating a huge Italian meal, dessert, and a bottle of wine EVERY NIGHT. *laughs* But, it is sooooooo good! If I have to resort to prostitution or dressing up as a monkey and dancing in order to survive, it will be well worth it. Mmmmmmmmmm.... *rubs stomach*

Oh, and my foot is still gross. When I poke it, it retains the shape of my finger for a few seconds. I think it's great!