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Stupid people....

I just got off the phone with some insurance people. Last fall, as I was walking to my Dad's girlfriend's, a van ploughed this kid on a bike.

Now, I didn't see before the impact, only the sickening thud as the kid smashed the windshield, and as he landed on his feet running. He ran towards me (on the corner), saying "Ow, ow, ow". No friggin' kidding, kid. I would be saying more than "Ow" if I were you.

At any rate, I yanked his demolished bicycle from the street, and stayed with him until the ambulance showed up.

Just as a side note, the van stayed and other people stopped. They all had their cell phones and running around like idiots saying "What do we do?" For the love of whoever or whatever, CALL THE POLICE. I had to tell them to dial 9-1-1 and tell them what street we were on. Okay, I understand that people can freeze, but really now!

The story goes that the kid had a "No Walking" sign, but two cars had waved him to use the crosswalk anyway when this van came barreling through. Now, they are trying to track down witnesses of this "waving through", or the "waving through-ers" since the car insurance Nazis are trying to get money from the kid to pay them back for the damages on the van.

People make me sick. I talked to him. He was in Junior High. He has 2 brothers, I think. As bloody poured from his head, all he could say was that he was sorry and ask about the people in the van.

I realise that the "Nazis" are probably doing their job, but where are their damn souls? I pack slaughtered animal parts for a job, yet I would declare that loud and clear than to be behind a clean and sterile desk in my little cubical trying to prosecute a kid for a few thousand dollars.