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More than rocks this time

So, the end is definitely near. Today was a good day. opera_queen and I split up today since we were seriously short on time. While my friend took London by storm (figuratively), I boarded a train and headed my way to Stonehenge.

First, the train looked like it caught on fire. *grins* Apparently, it was nothing to become concerned over, but the light show was interesting. And it was storming like crazy! Because of that, unfortunately, I couldn't go on the "grassy paths" around the pile of rocks. So, that was about half of the walking cut out, I'm guessing.

But, intellect and curiosity perservered, and I loved it.

Really, I thought it was amazing. Also, compliments of an audio guide contraption, I learned quite a bit about how it was built, and how the first structures were before the stone version we know today. Even the lichen on the stones looked... well... I don't know how to say it. If it wasn't storming and if my train hadn't taken 2 hours each way, I would have stared in reverence a lot longer.

But, with the chance to go to the theatre and see Harry Potter, I had to get me arse in gear. *chuckles*

Warning: I have less than a minute left on this computer, so I haven't proofread this rambling. And I'm distracted by listening to some chick rant on and on about wedding obligations she has back home as precious internet seconds tick down.