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Blimy Bloodsuckers!

So, in all of Europe, I might have seen 2 mosquitoes, and neither bit me. Back home, quite a different tale. *sighs and scratches*

Life has been good. Visited Booger in Winnipeg for a couple of days. She seemed to be doing great considering she had her wisdom teeth yanked out. Good thing she is still a smart ass. Bah doom doom... *cymbal crash*

I snagged a ride back to my humble city on the 29th with my father (which was his birthday... what a swell guy!). Developed the bulk of my photos (expect a package soon, opera_queen). Spent Canada Day with Bo Beri, Rocko, and Jo at a park/swimming pool deal, and had Bar-B-Que and a bonfire with Champ and JB.

Now, I have just tweaked my resume and dropped it off at a few of the music stores here. First off, I have no urge to go back to Ye Olde Slaughter House. Second, I have no urge to run into Skinner Boy. (I know, I know... dumb reason...) Third, I want to do something that I may actually be interested in. Heaven forbid, a summer job that I may like... *rolls eyes*

I think I blew my chance at one of the music stores, though. The manager asked me what was the last CD that I bought. Damn, that was a while back, and of all things, it was "Big Shiny 90's". *sighs* I fibbed about the timing too. I said a few months ago (it was waaaaaaay longer than that), and he nodded and put my resume to the side. Damn.


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Jul. 6th, 2004 05:53 am (UTC)
why whould you BUY . . music?? . .. .. *ponders* . .I don't understand this . . .
Jul. 6th, 2004 04:19 pm (UTC)
*shrugs* I guess it is a valid question when applying to a music store... a place that sells music.... you know..... see the connection?
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