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Damn bastard children

Before I even update you in my life, I would like to talk about the little bastard children that live in my neighborhood.

First off, when I refer to my crackwhore house or neighborhood, it isn't too far from the truth. I live in a low-income part of town... not quite the "ghetto" of the city, but it has its moments. So, today I thought I would finally get my tookus (A.K.A. my big fat booty) in gear and get my bike repaired before the warranty ran out. Now, I have had my bike outside for about 2 weeks due to people moving in and out. But, no worries, since I have a heavy duty cable bike lock that I shelled out over $25 for..... right???

They have been sawing through it. If I didn't get my ass in gear today, I wouldn't have a bike. There were 2 miniscule fibers left still connected in the cable. If they spent 30 seconds more hacking at it, I would have been a $300 shmuck. At the moment, I'm only a $25 shmuck.

Most of the time, I like my neighborhood. The little children going door to door asking for donations (more ambitious than begging on street corners, I suppose) amuse me. I even give them a dollar now and again. There is a little boy that lives nearby that has already realised he was born in the wrong body and try to convince myself and my room-mates that he is a girl. Once in awhile, I get confused, drunk people banging on my door. It's my neighborhood, and, most days, I thrive here.

But not today. Today, I'm just pissed off.

What else.....

Friday, I slept and visited my good friend, Opera Queen. I have been friends with her since high school, and she is an incredible singer. We are also planning a trip to Europe next summer.

Saturday: Laundry, had tea with some little Christian girls I used to baby-sit (at the time, my blue hair was the talk of their little congregation), and watched The Matrix with Opera Queen.

Sunday: More laundry. Went to the cheap matinee with Opera Queen to see The Matrix Reloaded. Less philosophy, more special effects. It was good, but I need to see it again to settle the plot in my head. Had coffee with Metal Head. Played Scrabble and Clue with Blondie and her significant other.

(Metal Head: Media student that I used to go to concerts with. Some bands we've seen: Finger Eleven, Slayer, Pantera, Morbid Angel, Skrape, Corrosion of Conformity, Scratching Post, and Clutch. And, since it is such a small world, also Opera Queen's ex.)

That's it. How was your weekend?