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So, I thought I would be going stir-crazy with the lack of work...

Nope. Not at all. I enjoy being an unemployed bum. It tickles my fancy.

I've been walking to the main mall and back every morning. Okay, really Tim Horton's to get some breakfast since I still haven't gone grocery shopping yet. I have also applied to a couple more places: a book store and as a delivery driver at one of my favourite restaurants. I have also started looking at teaching positions that are open. Wait, there would have to be some in order for me to look at them. I guess I should have got me arse in gear when opera_queen did. *sigh*

Actually, I'm not that upset. I'm pretty content at the moment. If I get on at the bookstore, I may keep that during the year and substitute teach until more positions open up (I know there will be some pregnant teachers floating around here). I'm used to living poorly, so I don't have major concerns at the moment. Especially since I won one of those Millennium Scholarship dealies. *insert applause* A shade over $2500 off my government loan. WOO-HOO!

So, like any good unemployed person, I went shopping today. *grins* Realistically, I finally admitted that I lost a bit of weight while hoofing me arse around Europe and that I have no "nice clothes". Well, none that haven't had the stitching fraying over the years. I bought two shirts and a skort. Yes, one of those contraptions that are shorts, but look like a skirt. I have never owned one before. I'm starting to feel a little sassy. *chuckles* And, to coax summer to hurry up and get here, I bought a halter top as well. *laughs* Look out!

Jo and I went for the new Moolattes at Dairy Queen. She tried the french vanilla while I had the mocha. Mmmmmmmm..... sugary goodness. *drools* If you like chocolate, ice cream, and caffeine, I highly recommend them.


Jul. 12th, 2004 05:11 pm (UTC)

Congrats on the cash! Apparently the cash fairies were kind to us both this week! YAY!