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Sometimes I wonder why I bother updating if I have nothing to say. Then I shake my head and laugh, since I always seem to find something to babble on and on about.

Today has been a somewhat-productive day. Champ, JB, his little nephew, and I went camping last night. We drove back into the city this afternoon, I washed off the layers of sweat, marshmallow, and bug spray and went to a job interview. Now, before the masses gets excited about me becoming a contributing member to society, don't you fret... at least it's not putting my degrees to use. *rolls eyes* I had an interview at a shoe store where Rocko works. I have come to the realisation that eventually my credit card company will stop lending me money, and I will need to continue on living. Money for food would be a nice start. (And yes, I did remember to tutor today! Woohoo, $15 buckaroos!)

Actually, Pen Girl, the lovely gal that she is, gave me some "Mall Bucks" as a farewell gift (she's moving, not me). So, I bought some bagels, peanut butter, fruit juice, and black pepper. What a party!!! *grins* Hey, if you didn't want to know about every pathetic second in my life, stop reading my journal! Ya damn hoser.... *grins*