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Who needs to do email surveys?!?!

The \\
Last Cigarette:*shrugs* Must have been absolutely blasted to smoke one of those coffin nails....
Last Alcoholic Drink:Yesterday. Heineken by camp fire.
Last Car Ride:From tutoring to the University. Oooooo, I'm going places.
Last Kiss:Gawd, that's depressing. Next question....
Last Good Cry:In Paris, France. I don't cry often, but when I do...
Last Library Book:??? Possibly "Cujo" by Stephan King back in November
Last book bought:"Get Fuzzy". A comic book, but I forget who writes/illustrates it.
Last Book Read:Currently reading "Lord of the Rings". Had the book forever, but never got around to reading it. *grins sheepishly*
Last Movie Seen in Theatres:Shrek 2. Yes, I'm a party animal.
Last Movie Rented:"Life or Something Like It". I love Angelina Jolie's lips!
Last Cuss Word Uttered:Does "damn" count?
Last Beverage Drank:Water. A la tap.
Last Food Consumed:Doritos left out overnight by the camp fire.
Last Crush:Actually, it's been awhile. Any takers?
Last Phone Call:Today, Pen Girl seeing if I were still alive.
Last TV Show Watched:Simpsons while waiting for JB and Champ.
Last Time Showered:Today, I swear it!
Last Shoes Worn:Currently, hiking shoes. Too lazy to hem my "good" pants.
Last CD Played:Coal Chamber - Chamber Music
Last Item Bought:Ground black pepper.
Last Download:It... has.... been.... so.... long....
Last Annoyance:This headache.
Last Disappointment:Being at the campsite and not realising everyone went to the beach.
Last Soda Drank:Yesterday.... some Fresca with my tequila marguarita
Last Thing Written:"marguarita"
Last Key Used:Car key
Last Words Spoken:"Bye. See you Thursday."
Last Sleep:In the car.
Last Ice Cream Eaten:Vanilla. I'm a wild thang.
Last Chair Sat In:A chair from the University's library
Last Webpage Visited:http://www.kwiz.biz/simplesurveys/do-survey.php

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