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Xuan Wu ~ Turtle
You are Xuan Wu!

Mythological background: Because the turtle has a
thick, solid shell that serves as protection -
this animal is associated with stability. You
enjoy intellectual pursuits.
Also, in Feng Shui (the Chinese myths behind
choosing a house), the black turtle's solidity
is used to protect from cold northern winds.

Which Chinese Mythological Being Are You?
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The weekend hasn't treated me too shabby. Booger came in Friday and stayed till Saturday. It's always good times with her around! She was talking about picking up a chinchilla (who would blame her! They're friggin' cute!), and our mistake was going to the nearby pet store to just "take a look". Why was that a problem? Because the store had been through some renovations, and all their chinchillas had died (except for one) due to some respiratory problems (like pneumonia). The store manager think that some Freon must have gotten into the air. The remaining cutie was depressed and wheezing. That put a huge damper on our spirits.

So, we ordered in pizza and watched Matrix: Revolutions, or whatever that last one was called. First off, we should have watched the second one since I totally forgot about the "French Man". Second, it was kinda disappointing. *sighs* Oh well.

The rest of the weekend was a bit of a bust. I went back to the shoe store to retake my personality/character test (since their system crashed), dog sat a beautiful golden lab beside my Dad's place, went clothes shopping for Blondie's little girl, and that's it. I even tried to visit Skullet Man (since we ran into each other at the bar last week), and I think he moved. Either that, or he transformed into an oriental lady with a couple of kids and speaks poor english.

*shrugs* Well, with my Dad and his gal away, at least I can watch some TV in a climate-controlled house. Plus, they have strawberry daiquiris.