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Work, you damn insulin pills....

Mmmmmmmm.... alcohol, my old friend....

So, um, yeah. At this present moment, Booger is watching me type from her lovely abode. Special K and Penguin came in yesterday to one of G's parties. We dragged Jo and Rocko along. Highlights of the night: Rocko got shat on by a pigeon (I kid you not), Special K pukes before they got in the bar, Penguin stayed at G's place and flirted with G's roomie, I ran into Knife Man and gave him my email address, and Jo ended up at the nearby army base. *shrugs* Well, good party, G.

Decided on another spontaneous trip, so I bummed a ride off of Special K and Penguin to the City. we have been looking at Roman Dirge characters for possible belated-birthday present tattoo. Booger's rooting for Ragamuffin. And that's about it.