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Another Movie - Collateral

Saw another movie last night with Knife Man. I better be careful, or people might think I have a life. *grins* I saw Collateral, the one where Tom Cruise is a bad guy. *shrugs* It was okay. The ending was a little disappointing. And, of course, Tom couldn't be a through-and-through bad guy, there were a few redeeming qualities. But, what was more disappointing was the possibility of me being richer.

So, I was sitting in the movie theatre, having a good conversation with Knife Man about his psycho ex-girlfriends, when I looked over and saw a $20 bill. No one else was sitting near it. WAHOOO!!!!! To the semi-employed person, $20 is a huge friggin' deal! Until I got home and realise that it was a joke. It was a scanned image of one side of the $20, and the other side said "You've been fuged". Now, I'm not entirely sure what being "fuged" is, but I don't like it. Not one bit. *pouts*

As well, to let you know Happygoth, I've started to play Black & White and I like it. I'm amused by throwing people. Can't find the other damn rocks though to do the first scroll-mission thingie, but I like throwing people. *grins*

Yet again, I'm off to the City. *groans* Apparently I can't stay put for more than a few days. My Momma is going to be in town, so I thought I would go visit. When I return: learning more about the exciting world of shoes and mailing my application up North for a teaching position. Busy, busy.


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Aug. 13th, 2004 10:47 pm (UTC)
what a dirty trick!!!!! .. . evil I say!!! .. I found $50 bill at the bowling alley the other day. I turned it in to the owner once we determined that the bartender hadn't dropped it and that it didn't belong to any of our clients. yep. But that's just a dirty trick . .yep yep . . I think you should sacrifice some of your humans.. hehehe. about the rocks. Check around the little forests, and on top of the mountains. I think you can hear them, or see them sparkling when you're close enough. yep yep. good luck.
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